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Tallyn's Used Equipment Purchasing Services 

Studio Full of Used Equipment? Tallyn's Can Help!
Tallyn's is always looking to purchased gently-used camera and studio equipment from professional photographers.
Simply assemble a list of your used equipment with a brief assessment of both it's working condition and physical condition and send it in to us and we will make an offer. You can then choose to accept our quote and ship your equipment to Tallyn's for trade, cash or in-store credit.

Trade-In Procedure

  • Assemble your list of what you have to offer and email it to our Used Equipment Manager Scott Tallyn. Please include all information you can describing the level of use and the current condition of your equipment.
  • We will appraise your list based on the information provided and make you an offer which you are free to accept or reject.
  • Upon acceptance of the quote, we ask that you ship your equipment to our offices at
    Tallyn's Professional Photographic
    Attn: Scott Tallyn / Used Equipment Trades
    1609 W. Detweiller Drive
    Peoria, IL 61615
    We request that you ship your equipment fully insured and well-protected through UPS or FEDEX.
  • Once we receive your equipment we will appraise it once more against the first list and information provided. Although unlikely, we do reserve the right to adjust the payment offered and offer a revised quote if the equipment delivered to us is not in the condition in which it was described or is incomplete.
  • Once your trade-in has been finalized, the value can be applied towards the purchase of new equipment, held as credit towards future purchases, or we can cut you a check for the final value - Your choice.
  • Equipment Tallyn's purchases through our Used Equipment Trade-In Program becomes the property of Tallyn's Professional Photographic Supply and the transaction is final.
Trade-In FAQ's

  • What is the advantage of selling my equipment to Tallyn's rather than selling it one-on-one myself?
    - When Tallyn's purchases your used equipment, we assume all responsibility for the equipment. We will take care of any necessary repairs or cleanings prior to resale. When Tallyn's resells equipment, we do so with a warranty guarantee. When you sell equipment one-on-one, you risk conflicts arising when the equipment breaks down, whether it's the fault of the seller or the purchaser or no one at all.
  • Does the value of my equipment trade change if I want credit or a check?
    - No. The value of your equipment does not change based on the payment method you choose.
  • How long can I expect to receive payment?
    - Once Tallyn's receives your equipment you can expect payment within 7 business days.
  • Will Tallyn's sell my equipment through consignment?
    - No. We only purchase used equipment outright.
  • Does Tallyn's accept film-era Medium Format equipment?
    - Yes, but expect the trade-in value to reflect it's current market value.
  • Is there a limit to how much or how little you will take in on trade?
    - No. We will take trades big and small. In the past we have accepted trades from as small as a single camera lens to as large as a truckload.


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