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Tallyn's Custom Studio Rail Systems 

Let Tallyn's Custom-Design Your Unique & Complete Studio Rail System!

Tallyn's Professional Photographic supply has more than a decade's experience designing custom rail systems for studios across the country. If you've ever struggled with the nuisance of cords, cables & stands cluttering your studio floorspace, our rail systems are the perfect solution. We can custom-design a complete studio rail system to help you increase speed, mobility, and efficiency in the camera room. The resulting time and energy saved means greater profits for you.

Our personalized design service features a one-on-one consultation, either over the phone or in-person where we will discuss your available space, your lighting equipment needs, and other unique requests and needs. From there, we will design your studio rail system and deliver to you a detailed schematic of the system as well as a complete sales quote itemizing every piece required, as well as any delivery or instalation costs.

The process begins when you fill out our online form. Be prepared to provide your camera room dimensions and details including the ceiling height, ceiling construction, and the presence and locations of any obstacles (fire sprinklers, ductwork, etc.). Please also be prepared to provide payment information to cover the $49.95 design fee. Click Here to Begin!

Predesigned Kits Now Available

We also have, for a limited time, a collection of predesigned rail system Kits. We purchased these kit components at a savings and are passing on the savings to you. These systems include silver-finished rails and 3250-style pantographs. hese kits are ready to accept any suspendable or top-mount monolight heads (upright brackets not included). Suspend three monolight heads (main/fill/accent) or add our Custom Gimbal Setup and suspend two lights and a camera.

Individual Rail System Components

Additionally, we offer a full selection of individual rail system components from which to choose. Design your own system or upgrade an existing system to your own specific needs.

Who Loves Their Tallyn's Studio Rail System?

Dear Scott,

I am writing this letter to let you know how much I am enjoying the lighting rail system. I never realized that the benefits of this lighting system would be so essential to the success of the studio. The portraits are certainly more professional and set up time is half of what it used to be.

It is amazing to me that I was actually considering installing this system on my own and I was delighted when you approached me with a detailed plan for travel to the studio, accommodations and the actual installation of the system. I am truly excited that you pursued this endeavor. I appreciated that the installation was done effectively and in a timely manner and as an additional note, no troubles have manifested since the installation was done.

I would certainly recommend you to any individual or business interested in the installation of a lighting rail system. You did a fantastic job!.

With best regards,
Sandy Puc, Expressions Photography, Littleton, Colorado


If I haven't told you yet, let me thank you for the fine job you did on my rail system. I've had many photographers come by just to see it. I enjoy having 8 to 10 appointments a day. It's easy shooting and the results are better because I spend more time with my customers than I do with my strobes.

Thanks again,
Mike Sanders CPP , Slidell, Louisiana


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