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Tallyn's Data Recovery is here to help!

Tallyn's is pleased to be offering Digital Data Recovery for all forms of removable media including Compact Flash Cards, IBM Microdrives, Smartmedia, Multi-Media Cards, Secure Digital, Memory Sticks, DVD's, CD's, Floppy Disks and even Computer Hard Drives!

Featuring Tallyn's No-Risk Guarantee!
We charge only on successful recoveries!

If you have accidentally reformatted, erased your media or cannot see your data, simply send your media card to Tallyn's for full data recovery. This new in-house service is being offered to give peace of mind to the photographers and computer users alike!

We have invested in powerful custom hardware and software not available to consumers. When other attempts fail, send your media to Tallyn's and let us prove to you that you get what you pay for! We have recovered data from computers, Image Banks, Nixvues, Digital Wallets, and just about every form of removable media that is out there! We have performed our service for police and fire departments, crime scene units, governmental agencies, and of course photographers!

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Tallyn's Digital Data Recovery
Includes all of the Following:

  • Most Data Recoveries are started the day they arrive at our facilities.
  • We begin with a full media scan to assess possible structural damage and analyze the likelihood of a successful recovery.
  • Next, a full media scan determines corrupted and irreparable files. We can fix most corrupted files!
  • From there, a full data-scan retrieves all the data previously saved on card even if the card has been re-formatted.
    Note: If you continue to capture on the re-formatted card, you will begin to lose previous images stored on the disk. Please refrain from capturing on the card from which you would like to recover data.
  • We will perform a "Full Diagnostics Test" on your card, looking for potential hardware problems. You will be given a pass or fail report for your individual media cards to let you know whether they are safe to use again or require replacement.
  • We will run a "Eraser Program" on your media that will wipe it totally clean.
  • We can also reformat your digital media, and perform a thorough scandisk to fix any errors that might have occurred on specific sectors.
  • All of the data retrieved will be transferred to the media of your choosing and returned to you via UPS ground.
  • We keep a hard copy of your data backed up at our facilities for a minimum of 30 days to protect against shipping loss, damage or persistent problems.

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NEW PRICING: Revised & Reduced (Effective 10/4/11)

Digital Flash Card Recovery
(Compact Flash Cards, Secure Digital Cards, Smartmedia, Multi-Media, Memory Sticks)

128 MB and smaller: $55.00
256 MB: $75.00
512 MB: $100.00
1 GB: $125.00
2 GB: $150.00
4 GB: $200.00
8 GB: $300.00
16 GB: $325.00
32 GB: $350.00
64 GB: $400.00
128 GB: $450.00

IBM Microdrive Recovery

340 MB: $100.00
512 MB: $125.00
1GIG: $150.00
2GIG: $175.00
4GIG: $225.00


CD and DVD Recovery

CD'S (700 MB): $125.00
DVD'S (4.7GB): $200.00

Featuring Tallyn's No-Risk Guarantee!
We charge only on successful recoveries!

If recovering a particular set of images or files from a flash card requires searching through multiple cards, there is $20 charge per card on top the standard recovery cost. For declined or unsuccessful recoveries, there is an $8.00 return shipping cost if you wish to have your card or drive returned to you.

Hard Drive Recovery

We also recover External Drives, Portable Drives, Laptops, Computers, Hard Drives, Digital Wallets, Nixvue, Digibin, MindStor, Imagetank, External Drives, Portable Drives, Laptops, Computer Hard Drives or any other type of storage device.

We offer a free diagnostic service to look at your drive and determine the amount of work required, after which we will give you a firm quote for recovery. Once a quote is made, we will honor that price in all situations unless a Level 1 recovery is later determined to require Level 2 work.

Level 1 versus Level 2 recoveries depend on the severity of file corruption or physical damage to the drive. Level 1 work accounts for approx 80% of all recoveries and covers the recovery lost files and corrupted data tables. Level 2 work accounts for the remaining 20% and covers most instances of physical damage, failed logic boards and crashed read/write heads. Level 1 work is frequently completed within a week from being quoted. Level 2 work requires a minimum of two to three weeks.

Please call 309-692-5005 M-F 9:00-5:00 for custom data recovery quote.

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Turnaround Times:

We pride ourselves on providing you fast personal attention. We guarantee that all data recoveries, cloning orders and erasing services are started within 24hrs of arrival at Tallyn's, though frequently even sooner. We maintain personal phone contact throughout the entire recoery process from same day diagnosis to the final result and shipping.

Our estimate rurnaround times upon arrival of your media are as follows:

Data Recovery (Media Cards)

Same Day Diagnosis
1-2 Days for Recovery

Data Recovery (Hard Drives)

Same Day Diagnosis
1-5 Days for Recovery

Drive Cloning

1 Day Service

Drive Erasing

1 Day Service

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Starting Your Recovery:

Send your media and the completed recovery form to:

Tallyn's Professional Photographic
Attn: Scott Tallyn / Digital Recovery Services
1609 W. Detweiller Drive
Peoria, Il 61615

The recovery form can be found here. Please send this form completed with your recovery media via UPS insured and use appropriately protective packaging.

We charge $8.80 return shipping for small media shipped UPS ground in the lower 48 states. We accept credit cards only as a method of payment for this service.

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Tallyn's Hard Drive Cloning
Affordable & reliable physical backups!


Concerned About Hard Drive Failure?
Running Out of Hard Drive Space?
Trouble Keeping Track of All Your Expensive Software Programs?

Tallyn's has the perfect solution!

Tallyn's is now offering Hard Drive Cloning for all
forms of IDE and SATA style computer Hard Drives including Laptops!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of cloning my hard drive?

- In case of a major hard drive failure, you would be back up and running in a matter of minutes allowing your business to continue with minimal interruption.
- No longer would you have to remember all of those codes and configurations for all of your various programs.
- Cloning keeps all of your original computer settings such as partitions, drive structure, passwords, internet configurations, cable modem, wifi, bluetooth, DSL settings, desktop, folder views, fonts etc intact.
- Protect against fire, flood, lightning strike etc.....
- All of your original programs will be pre-installed on the clone and ready for immediate use in an emergency saving you an immense amount of work hours. Just plug in your cloned drive and you're up and running!
- Upgrade your hard drive to a larger and faster drive (example 80Gig to a 250Gig)
- Maintain your original partition, format, and drive structure (Example: Windows and Macintosh platforms)

Consider the cloned drive as an invaluable insurance policy without the recurring monthly payments.

I do daily backups of my data, isn't that enough?

Daily backups only back up your data, NOT operating systems, programs, system configurations, settings etc.. This is why we can not emphasize enough the importance of cloning your hard drive. Tallyn's Drive-Cloning Service will replicate all of your programs, software and configurations. Your data will be cloned as of the date that this service is performed. As long as the cloned drive is put in a SIMILAR machine with SIMILAR hardware, a cloned drive will function just as it was prior to your original drive failure. This service is not intended to replace your normal backup procedure which is extremely important!

Should I clone all of my drives?

In most cases you would only clone the primary server or workstation that is most important to your business. You will have peace of mind knowing that your business will not shut down in case of a drive or hardware failure.

Where should I store the cloned drive?

We highly recommend that you either store the cloned drive in a fire proof safe or store it off site.

What happens if my drive fails and I have no clone?

Without a cloned drive, you would have to find a replacement drive, install the operating system with drivers, redo your configuration, and reload ALL your software before you could reload your last backup. Now consider this, is a copy of your operating system software, programs, and drivers for your systems hardware readily available? Did you keep any notes on your system configuration? What about all the updates to your system since you've been using it? This process could take anywhere from 8 hours to two weeks to complete and most would require some professional help to get this done. Can your business afford to be down for a few hours? ...Days? ...Weeks?

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Drives Up To 80GB
120 TO 200GB Drives

Drives 250GB & Larger

These prices are for service only. Please provide a working (preferably new) hard drive to clone to. If interested, we offer and stock new Western Digital Hard Drives.
Please call 309-692-5005 for pricing.

*Return shipping of $12.00 for shipping U.P.S. ground in the continental U.S.

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Cloning Your Drive:

Send your drive to be cloned and a blank drive for the clone to be written to with the completed recovery form to:

Tallyn's Professional Photographic
Attn: Scott Tallyn / Drive Cloning Services
1609 W. Detweiller Drive
Peoria, Il 61615

If you are a local (Cental IL) customer, we recommend bringing your entire computer to us, so that we can ensure the clone drive will be 100% operational before delivery.

The recovery form can be found here.

Also, please send your drive(s) via UPS insured and use appropriately protective packaging.

We charge $12.00 return shipping for UPS ground in the contential US. We accept credit cards only as a method of payment for this service.

Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please call 309-692-5005.

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